How do you join a Masonic Lodge?

Well, waiting for an invitation is going to be futile.
We are not allowed to invite you or solicit you for membership.
We never have been like that — this isn't a new thing.

Really, we are not going to invite you.

If you want to become a Mason, the process starts simply.

Find a Mason, preferably one that is close to where you live, get to know them, and Ask.
Your new friend will most likely be more than happy to provide you with a petition.
Fill out the petition, give it back to your friend. This starts the process of making you a "candidate."
That's what we call someone who has shown interest in taking the degrees of Masonry.
A degree is a lesson, a set of stories and symbols that we present to our newest members.
It is how we begin to introduce you to Masonry.

But don't wait for an invitation. If you want to join our Fraternity, all you have to do is ask.